For the Love of Libraries


Today was a momentous day in the life of Sea. I’ve been doing happy dances around the apartment since I got home, you guys.

In December, I moved into a new apartment, in a new county. Consequently, not that long ago, I got my first bill at my new address. Normally, bills = bleh. But I’ve been swooning over this one, because a bill with my address counts as proof that I officially reside in this county. Which makes me eligible for a library card.

So today after work, I made a beeline over to the nearest regional branch. With an enormous grin plastered over my face and my bill in hand, I marched up to that desk, filled out my paperwork, and walked away with a brand-spankin’ new piece of plastic that lets me read books for free.

Y’all, there is such a thrill in walking through a huge room of bookshelves and knowing that you can stroll out with any book you please.

There’s a deep level of nostalgia, too, for all the libraries that felt like homes away from home in my childhood. My municipal branch library growing up was right across the street from my elementary school. When I was in kindergarten, my mom walked me over after school one day and helped me sign up for my first library card. I had to stand on my toes to see over the counter. With all the solemnity a five year old can muster, I signed my name on the back of a card and opened a portal to a thousand new worlds.

Registering for my second library card, so many years later, feels like a special right of passage. I’m tearing up a little, to be honest.

I’m especially glad to have a library card in my new home because, as much as I love my Kindle, real books are more fun than e-books. Kindle, my dear, your convenience can’t be beat, but it’s time for you to have your turn sitting on the shelf and waiting to be read.

I also snagged two books while I was there. I have been dying to get my hands on Three Dark Crowns since I first heard about it, and A Shadow Bright and Burning was selected as the February read by a local YA book club that I’ve wanted to join for months. Normally, the books the club is reading are impossible to find at the library, so I was psyched to spot this one on the shelves!

Strangely, both of these books were published on September 20th, 2016. Coincidence that they happened into my life on the same day? We’ll find out!

Hopefully, that club will yield some new bookish friends in my future. If not, I’ve got a new library card. What more does a girl really need?

Much love,



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