Stacking the Shelves: February


Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews, dedicated to showing off all the wonderful new book treasures that we hoard bring into our lives.

I had to go to the library today to return A Shadow Bright and Burning and Three Dark Crowns, as well as to pick up a hold that came in.

“Had to,” I say, as though I wasn’t filled with glee the moment I decided to grab my keys and go. The library is one of my very favorite happy places. I managed not to go too overboard this time, only coming home with two books that I hadn’t planned on getting.

Library Books

There’s a YA book club that meets monthly at a local indie bookstore here. I’ve wanted to get in on that action for months now, and I came so close this time! I was busy reading other things and didn’t get around to starting A Shadow Bright and Burning until the night before the club met to discuss it, and then I finished it the day after the discussion. So close.

For March, they announced the book is The Truth About Forever, in honor of the upcoming new release from the queen of YA chick lit, Sarah Dessen. This is a very sentimental favorite of mine, and the first of her books I ever read, so I made sure to get this one early and I will be certain not to throw away my shot this time.

While I was out, I also grabbed Crooked Kingdom, by Leigh Bardugo, for when I finally read my copy of Six of Crows, as well as The Falconer, by Elizabeth May.


Even though my NetGalley feedback ratio is a whopping 0%, what with my being new to the site, I’ve put out some requests anyway. I fully expected publishers to reject away, but someone must have had a finger slip or been asleep at the mouse or something, because I got approved for two titles anyway! Both of these ARCs are due out later this year, so it may be a while yet before you hear much on them from me.

What about you?

Any new delightful catches for you, dear readers? Any insight into how Disney-Hyperion and Sourcebooks saw fit to drop these gems onto my Kindle? (No, really–I’m doing happy dances, but I’m very puzzled.) Drop me a line!


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