Monthly Wrap-Up: February 2017


In elementary school, I had the most awesome principal. She was a person with a lot of vision, and she really cared about improving our school experience and our parent involvement. One of my favorites among her initiatives was a month-long extravaganza: Fight February Fatigue with Fun. The idea was that February was the hump day of the school year, and if you could keep students engaged and get them over the hump, they would build up their own momentum again in March, when there were days off again, and better weather, to boot.

I need to get some momentum this March, because 2017 gave me a serious dose of February Fatigue.There were some great highlights; one of my best friends moved back to town, and my long-distance boyfriend came to visit for nearly a whole week! It was so special to spend time with those two. But since I see my sweetheart so infrequently, I always want to make the most of the time he’s here, and the rest of my life sort of goes on hold until he leaves. I got derailed from my usual routine, and then I had a very low-energy week, followed by a week of major hormone-induced mood issues. After all that cleared up, February was all but over, and all the goals and projects I had started to gain traction on in January were thrown completely off, including blogging.

Hopefully I’m through the fog, though. It’s time to turn a new leaf and put myself back on track!

Last Month in Books:

There are some Mountainous Book Wyrms out there who devour novels like it’s their job, and even some lucky ones for whom it is their job. I’m more of a bookish inchworm on that scale. Three books ain’t bad.

The Girl on the Train, by Paula Hawkins: standard, good-quality adult page-turner; blended crime and psychological thriller. img_3181img_3181img_3181img_3181

A Shadow Bright and Burning, by Jessica Cluess: Victorian fantasy feminist-y debut novel; took me a while to buy into, but surprised me. img_3181img_3181img_3181img_3181

Three Dark Crowns, by Kendare Blake: epic fantasy island, troubled fantasy sisters, PLOT TWISTS. img_3181img_3181img_3181img_3181

Last Month in Posts:

Woefully slim. Mostly me trying out new (to me) bookish memes, because I couldn’t manage to find the time or energy for committing my own ideas to the keyboard.

Around the Blogosphere:

I may not have said as many interesting things as I would have liked (or written any of the reviews I meant to), but plenty you all did! The following were some of my favorite February posts from around the web.

Up and Coming:

All of these things may happen in the future, and probably some will be in March.

  • Definitely a review of Three Dark Crowns
  • A review of The Truth About Forever, by Sarah Dessen
  • Attending my first book club!
  • Picture book reviews!
  • Reading my first NetGalley novels
  • My thoughts on: buddy reading, trigger warnings, and pen names

And you, dear reader?

Was your February also filled with fatigue? What are you excited about for the next month?

Much love,



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