Discussion: Book Clubs!


So, you know that book club I keep talking about? The YA one at my local indie bookstore, which I insist I’ll get around to joining each month? Remember when I insisted I would go in March?

Yeah, you guessed it. Still hasn’t happened. For one reason or another, I never make it. This time, a friend got dumped a few days before the meeting, which happened to be the same day I was going to start into a re-read of the March book, The Truth About Forever. I think taking care of a friend instead of reading is a pretty good excuse, but good grief, am I ever going to go to this thing?

I’ve never actually been in a book club before, but it’s always been something I could picture myself doing. Like so many other bookish people, I have been known to rave or rant about books for far longer than is socially acceptable. Whether it’s muddling through my feelings about The Raven King with my best friend after we finish buddy reading it or venting about Queen of Shadows to my hapless roomie, discussing a book with others is often a valuable part of my reading experience. What could there possibly be not to like about meeting up with like-minded people to unpack and critique a book I’m most likely excited to read?

Aside from the one I keep missing out on, though, book clubs that interest me seem to be few and far between. The other ones in my area are all targeted at demographics where I don’t exactly fit in. Other YA-focused clubs at library branches are specifically for teens, and the rest of the book clubs around here are focused on non-fiction, memoirs, and adult literary fiction. I enjoy dabbling in those genres, but they don’t make up the bulk of my reading. Is this YA book club the exception to the club norm?27883214

My maybe-future book club is reading Caraval for April, which I have been eagerly anticipating. Feel free to place bets on my hypothetical attendance, or to shame me into going.

Do book clubs appeal to you? Have you been in one before, or are you in one now? What are your impressions or experiences? Are there any near you, and what kinds of books do they read?


8 thoughts on “Discussion: Book Clubs!

    • Apparently I could pass for a teen and sneak into one of those clubs (on Election Day, someone asked me if I was even old enough to vote. It was my second time voting in a presidential election 😭). But yes, there is definitely a shortage of book clubs for people in our age range that read books I’m actually interested in!


  1. I’ve never been to an in-person book club before, but it’s mostly because, like you said, I don’t feel like I would fit in. There are a limited number of YA book clubs, and they are exclusive to teens only, not a 25 year old like me. Maybe the solution is starting our own book clubs.

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    • Agreed! Even if I do like this rare YA book club for adults here, I’ll probably be moving to a new city in less than a year, and I have a feeling I would have to start a book club there if I want to be in one.


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