Mini Review: Death and Night, by Roshani Chokshi


Roshani Chokshi has become one of my favorite breakout YA authors as of late. Her sophomore novel, A Crown of Wishes, was a phenomenal follow up to her unusually strong debut in The Star-Touched Queen. To celebrate her second book and her release tour, Chokshi and St. Martin’s Griffin also recently put out a prequel novella to The Star-Touched Queen which builds on some deleted scenes and scrapped details from said book to show readers the origin of the reincarnation-spanning romance between Maya and Amar.

Death and Night is a quick and sumptuous 33965619read. As one can expect from Chokshi, this novella floated through a captivating series of magical settings and is populated by a cast of charming mythological characters, some familiar and some new. When I read The Star-Touched Queen, the absence of the history between Maya and Amar was something I felt distinctly, so I was glad to see that backstory here! I really enjoyed seeing how Amar and Maya grew and changed from being together, and it was nice to learn the significance of some details, like the true origin of Maya’s pearl and sapphire necklace.

I could tell that Death and Night did not get quite the same editorial rigor that a full novel would have; it was a bit light on one or two plot point explanations and a bit heavy on internal monologues from our narrators. Those are very minor complaints, though!

Like most prequel/companion novellas, you can skip this if you haven’t read or didn’t like Chokshi’s other works. If you’re a Star-Touched fan, however, Death and Night is a definite must-read!

All in All…

  • 4/5 sea stars
  • Published May 2nd, 2017, by St. Martin’s Griffin
  • 132 pages
  • For fans of The Star-Touched Queen, mythology, ~romance~

I received this book free through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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