Life Update: Big Changes, Little Reading, Much Stress

Life has been a little crazy for me.


By crazy, I mean that in the past three weeks:

  • My boyfriend moved 10 hours closer to me an started a new job
  • I got offered a dream job (Which is two hours further from the boy. Figures.)
  • I took said new job and I start on July 5th
  • I still don’t have a place to live where my new job is (Yikes.)
  • Visited the boy in his new apartment after his first week at a new job
  • Visited my folks and met my little brother’s first girlfriend

I also started summer camp season at my current job, meaning I get to work super early, am outside in the heat and humidity all day, and want to fall asleep the second I get home. It’s a blast, but it’s draining, and it makes dealing with all the logistics of leaving my current job, moving, and starting my new job that much harder.

All told, no new posts from me for a little while. I tried to get together ARC review of The Waking Land last week, but that’s on the sideline for a bit, as well as reading and blogging in general while I continue to swing wildly between giddiness and despair and try to get my life in order.

In two weeks, I ought to be a functional person again and hopefully will be back at it here on Sea Reads. Fingers crossed, anyway. Until then, read some great summertime books for me!

Much love,



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