About Me


Hello, folks! I’m Sea, a twenty-something born and raised on the East Coast of the US. Ever since I was small, one of my favorite things has been having my nose in a book. To this day, my idea of a good time is curling up on the couch with a novel, a cup of coffee, and Bedford, the plushie sea star my sweetheart made for me. YA fantasy is my main literary diet, but I also particularly enjoy contemporary, adult fantasy, historical fiction, and children’s books.

By trade, I’m an educator at an aquarium and I spend my days feeding stingrays and talking to strangers. I am sustained by coffee and naps, and I enjoy beach-going, occasionally writing, and flipping over rocks and logs in search of salamanders.

I live by the beach with entirely too few books, lots of decorative shells, and my precious baby corn snake, Chesapeake (a.k.a. Chessie).