Ratings & Reviews

My favorite reading buddy in the world is a sea star.

Bedford, my handmade stuffed starfish, came as a gift from a very dear person. He is small, cuddly, and shares the name of an excellent literature primer. What’s not to love?

As my reading buddy and the mascot of this blog, it’s only fitting for Bedford to be involved in my reviews, so all books that I finish will receive a rating on a scale of 1-5 sea stars. I will not assign a rating to any book I do not finish. No half-star ratings here, either; everything gets rounded up to the next full star!

Five sea stars is outstanding. This is a book I can count on cherishing for quite some time. Any flaws do not detract from the overall quality of the book, and I will recommend it to everyone I can.

Four sea stars is great. This is, on whole, a very enjoyable read. Maybe I had a few problems with it, but it was worth the time. If this book is a debut or the first in a series, I will definitely be looking for more from the author.

Three sea stars is average, or a little bit above that. It might be a fine book, but not very memorable. Perhaps it had some great qualities, but also had huge weak points. It’s not likely a book I will be re-reading, but it was probably still fun.

Two sea stars is not very good. This is a book that did not float my boat, but at least there were some redeeming qualities.

One sad, lonely sea star is just unfortunate. Something went terribly, horribly awry in this book. Hopefully these will be in short supply–nobody likes an unhappy starfish.